Coloured mastic

Select a coloured sealant

Match your bathroom, kitchen, or utility room colour scheme with our high quality coloured mastic.  We can match most colours, or you can select a neutral clear sealant. All our mastics are flexible and durable, so you can be confident about the sealant retaining its appearance for many years.

  • Professional installation by a qualified technician
  • High quality mastic sealant finish
  • Convenient appointment time to suit you
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Exterior mastic

Mastics are versatile and effective when external gaps need filling around windows, doors or joints. Sealing gaps saves energy.

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Bathroom mastic

Bathroom mastic deteriorates. We strip old sealant and apply new bathroom mastic for a perfect finish. Coloured mastic available.

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Kitchen and utility mastic

Around worktops or hobs, we install new mastic to finish your kitchen professionally. Coloured mastic can match existing worktops.

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The installer was quick and helpful. It looked great when he finished the job and he matched the tile colour we asked for. I wish we’d known about your company before. Recommend to anyone.